An Open Letter to Paula Deen on Afroculinaria

An Open Letter to Paula Deen took Afroculinaria from 600 to 65,000 readers. My words fail me to express how wonderful it is, and there is so much to think about and like in it that I can barely even summarize it, for fear that I'm leaving out important descriptors. This piece is written as an open letter to Paula… »6/26/13 5:38pm6/26/13 5:38pm


I don't mind when people disagree with my opinion or if they refute a fact

But don't be rude. I'm not even going to reply if there's an insult in a reply. I hit dismiss, even if there are quality points that you've made that I would have engaged you in a discussion over. I've learned from past experiences that when someone starts out by being insulting me, the likelihood that the… »6/11/13 1:08am6/11/13 1:08am